Nomadic artistic activities

Nomadic artistic activities

The objective is to propose artistic and cultural activities in order to animate the waterways. Like the traveling artists of yesteryear, the crew will settle down for a stage in a harbor or a nautical stop to propose its arts and invite to the trip.

The daytime playground

Animated in open air by moss La Gatoun, the Playground is a mutlicolore space installed in front of the Boat, on the quay, open to all public. We organize big and small wooden games, quizzes, public announcements, dance with the hula hoop, we have fun, all accompanied by a joyful musical atmosphere.

The evenings of the boat Cinémât

At nightfall, Captain D. unfurled his screen on the mast of the boat and opened the trunk treasure nocturnal animations. On the program, screenings of short films, local films, films by young directors, new visual creations (vijing, clip), karaoke, cinema-concerts, all installed on the pier under the stars .

At the end of the evening, the crew will warm the hearts with a thousand lights and lights with a danced and juggled performance.